Wig and Hair Colour 01
Wig and Hair Colour 01
19,99 € *
Old price: 24,36 €
Removable Vagina Insert - Model 1
Removable Vagina Insert - Model 1
24,99 € *
Old price: 58,48 €
Real Doll Tongue
Real Doll Tongue
18,99 € *
Old price: 29,23 €
Heating Rod with USB Port
Heating Rod with USB Port
9,99 € *
Old price: 14,61 €

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Jörg *****

Published Sunday, December 31, 2017

Dort könnt ihr eure Doll beruhigt kaufen . Ich empfehle es absolut weiter. Hier bekommt man auch den Service der versprochen wird Top Firma

Jan *****

Published Thursday, November 30, 2017

Klasse Qualität zu super Preisen! Nach einer Frage an den Kundenservice, die sehr freundlich, und ausführlich beantwortet wurde, haben wir uns entschlossen hier eine Puppe zu bestellen.

Der Versand erfolgte zeitnah und die Puppe kam nach nur wenigen Tagen neutral verpackt bei uns an.

Peter ****

Published Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sehr hochwertige dolls

Ich habe lange überlegt ob ich mir so eine teure Anschaffung für so eine doll ausgeben soll. Ich bin zu dem schluss gekommen mir eine zu bestellen :) Der Versand verlief ohne Probleme und die Bestellung ist ebenso reibungslos abgelaufen. Die Pupe habe ich schon ein mal getestet und ist sehr gut, wenn ihr versteht was ich meine.

Manufacturer in China - From brand manufacturer
in China

From brand manufacturer

Control agent In China before shipping
Control agent
In China before shipping

Arrival in Germany Customs clearance
Arrival in

Customs clearance

Control in Germany - Final inspection for quality and workmanship
Control in

Final inspection for quality and workmanship

Shipping to customer throughout Europe via ups
Shipping to

throughout Europe via ups

Best quality & professional, discreet service

Professional advice

The doll4me service team offers you a 360 degree consultation.

For individual design, equipment, material and comprehensive care of your doll.

Service after purchase

In our 360-degree-Plus-Service we will not let you down after your purchase.

If your love doll should have a crack, discoloration, a problem with a joint ..., our own specialist workshop is there for you.

Do you need spare parts, TPE adhesives or just a tip for care? No problem!

Double check before shipment

Through our own agent in China, the manufacturing process is constantly monitored and all dolls are checked before the trip to Germany.

In Germany a second, thorough examination is carried out before shipment to our customers.

Configure your lovedoll

Produktkonfigurator doll4me

You can customize your lovedoll to suit your needs and preferences.

Just use our configurator, which will automatically open at every sexdoll when you have chosen the desired size. Customize your real sexdoll to suit your needs and preferences.

This is how easy it is with us!

  • skin color, hair, breast etc.
  • Sound & Heating system
  • Removable Vagina
  • Real lovedoll stand-up feet

Taste it

Our Brands

6YE Climax Doll doll4me DollyDoll JL Doll JY Doll.jpg WM Doll.jpg Z-onedoll

High-quality materials

Our Lovedolls are made of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). This material has been enormously developed in recent years.

It is based on rubber, contains no plasticizer, can store body heat superbly, has a higher UV resistance and is more resistant to cleaning agents.

Thanks to the high-quality material, the skin of our real lovedolls is very close to human skin. Let yourself be inspired by touching it!

Human mobility

Our lifelike Real sexdolls are equipped with a robust metal skeleton.

Thanks to this technologically sophisticated skeleton, your Real Love Doll can take any real human position.

This feature makes your doll incredibly realistic and human.

Exclusive design

Gifted designers and skilful model builders form high-quality, human-like luxury dolls made of noble materials.

Choose your favorite Doll from our collection and change freely according to your personal preferences size, eye color, hair color, hair length and / or fingernails.

So your Doll becomes a real uniqueness.

Are you looking for a real sex doll made of premium TPE or silicone?

Then you have come to the right place!

We offer a wide range of exclusive real life sex dolls with a broad variety of configuration options to suit every taste.

In our doll4me online shop you will find lifelike sex dolls made of different materials and everything that goes with them - sexy clothing, sex toys and other accessories.

Our dedicated and professional customer service is available around the clock to answer any of your questions. And thanks to our discreet and safe shipping, you can rest assured that the sexy little rascal in the box will remain your secret.

The doll4me online shop

Our doll4me online shop offers everything from silicone and premium TPE love dolls, sex doll accessories and lubricants to exclusive artificial intelligence sex robots. You can look forward to many attractive new products as well as bargains at unbeatable bargain prices.

Our selection of dolls will impress you - our ladies are handcrafted to your specifications and discreetly delivered free of charge to your doorstep throughout Germany and other European countries. You can contact our first-class customer service via live chat, write them an e-mail or call - we look forward to hearing from you!

On our homepage you will also find useful tips on properly cleaning your sexdoll and how you can repair minor damages on your love doll yourself. These care tips also ensure that you and your new playmate have fun together for a long time.

We also offer a large assortment of accessories for your Real lovedoll. From various purging-products over cleaning agents to lubricants – in our shop you will find everything your little doll needs for a long and lustful life. In addition, we help your sex doll with our varied assortment of outfits to an even more erotic look. These garments are ideal for your sex doll, as they are easy to put on and do not stain the doll. This eliminates long, annoying searches in shops.

We strive to provide you with the broadest range of lifelike sex dolls in our huge and ever-changing assortment of real lovedolls. We maintain our close contacts with the leading manufacturers in the industry, so that we can pass the resulting benefits directly to our customers. This cooperation eliminates long production and waiting times and we can fully respond to your personal wishes!


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